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Take a look at life in Bangkok, Thailand from the strange side of things. Hosts dana blouin and Woody eHanz explore each topic with very different perspectives. Woody is a Thai through and through who grew up oversees before returning to his motherland. Meanwhile, dana is an expat who has called Bangkok home for the better part of a decade. No matter if you live in Bangkok, want to visit or even move here, come explore the strange with dana and Woody.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Bangkok Post COVID19 Lockdown

    In this episode dana and Woody imagine what Bangkok, aka The City of Angels will look like in a post COVID19 lockdown era. Will it be the new normal or will it be chaos in the streets? Only time will tell.  ...


  2. Forex 3D Billion Dollar Scam: Plastic Surgery, Ladyboys, Sex and the Ponzi

    In this episode of Bangkok Strange we talk about the news around the Forex 3D scam. Pretty people, ladyboy, sexual favors and a whole lot of cash. This story has been dominating the Thai news cycle and hit the big time when Thai commandos swooped in and made ...


  3. Seasteading in Thailand Funded with Bitcoin Crypto Currency

    Are you sick of living on under the rule of law? Are you tired of having easy access to food and utilities? Well if you are, then just take all that cash you made from Bitcoin and set out to live in the open ocean. That is exactly ...


  4. Crazy T-Shirts You See in Bangkok

    If you spend any time in Bangkok at all you will see people wearing T-Shirts with English sayings that make no sense. In this episode, dana and Woody discuss some of the stranger ones. Want something great to eat in Bangkok? go visit Ash Kickers Brisket and Bourbon on Ekkimai Soi ...


  5. The Strange Case of the Fake Billionair Wedding

    This story is ripped right from the Thai Headlines, A professional pretty who marries a fake Thai Billionaire after one date and gets stuck with the wedding debt.  Surprise, surprise, they got divorced a few months after getting married and he stuck her with millions in debt from their wedding. Want ...